Ways to live I – John McCallum

We need to find a way of bringing together the discoveries of the post-dramatic theatre – that actual events in the shared space of performance have an immediacy that mimetic theatre can never hope to have – with the urgent need that we all still have to experience dramatic stories. We need to create in our theatre a new balance between actuality and representation…

If you challenge and confront your audience in the visceral space of live theatre, if you refuse to pander to their desire to be merely entertained, then some won’t come, and some will walk out, but some – the ones you want – will be changed forever.

All the best theatre and performance that I have ever experienced has been theatre that, in the space and in the moment, has messed with my head. I can only try to explain it later. Understanding? – that’s for later. Emotion? – that’s for later. In the theatre you have to feel it first in your nerves, bones and flesh.

– John McCallum, Philip Parsons Memorial Lecture 2010

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