That’s so totally random

For a weekend in September 2010 I trekked out to Western Sydney to film a feature directed by Kathryn Millard. I was cast as the bland face of evil, a neatly dressed angelic looking young man with a voice that is as persuasive as it is forgettable.

The largely improvised scenes required my particular brand of evil to be kept a secret from the other cast members. ┬áRepeating over and over that my unreasonable instructions had to be followed meant that over the course of the weekend I became summarily despised by some of Australia’s leading actors. Even the DOP gave me a few cold glances over lunch.

The result is the tense psychological mystery ‘Random 8’. The feature is currently entered in a number of international film festivals and you can now watch the trailer and witness for yourself the butter not melting in my mouth.

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