Written and Performed by Tim Spencer
Directed by Jessica Tuckwell
Produced by Bambina Borracha Productions, originally devised and performed as part of Shopfront Theatre’s ArtsLab 2009
Adelaide Fringe 2010, Winner BankSA People’s Choice Award atyp Under The Wharf 2010
Melbourne Fringe 2010

Itʼs late one Saturday night and a group of bright young things tumble out of a pub and make a mad grab for happiness. Funny, real and unflinchingly honest, Spencer snapshots the un- told stories of his generation, depicting what itʼs like to be young right now.

Switching masterfully between 16 different voices, Spencer brings his audience directly into the addled minds of such characters as the iPhone addicted fashionista to the jock who may be falling for his best friend, capturing the recklessness and vulnerability of Australian youth in the prime of their life.

With a performance hailed by the Australian theatre community as “captivatingly assured” (Kate Gaul, Siren Theatre) Words They Make With Their Mouths has earned critical ac- claim across the board. The Advertiser described Words as being “Utterly true to life and instantly engaging”.

The BankSA Peopleʼs Choice Award is one of the most highly regarded accolades of the Adelaide Fringe, and is awarded to the act that receives the highest rating by Fringe audiences.


‘Tim Spencer has the most beautiful smile, but there’s a lot more to his solo show…This isn’t a plot based story with compelling twists and turns, but a study of the characters and place. Each ones begins by simply turning the corner and walking down the street. Linked by their universal search for love, he lets us watch these people without passing any judgement. With such an authentic voice, it’s as fascinating watching strangers but we get to hear what they are saying and thinking.’ – Anne-Marie Peard, aussietheatre.com.au

‘As a performance piece, Words They Make With Their Mouths is sublime. Spencer is a captivating performer, effortlessly switching between moods, performance styles and gender, swinging from character to narrator, and from internal to external monologue. Seemingly unrelated threads of the story are slowly woven into handsome comprehension. There is something powerful yet accessible about this piece. Spencer knows exactly how long he can keep his audience on tenterhooks, he knows how to reassure and to draw us into his mind. But what really propels this piece is the unrelenting honesty of the characters. In case you can’t tell, I was impressed.’ – Chris Tyler, RHUM

‘Writer Tim Spencer is an entirely unique voice exploring “features of blown youth” 21st century style. As and actor his performance is captivatingly assured. I haven’t felt this excited about a new work for a long time. The future of our theatre is in safe hands.’ – Kate Gaul

‘…this is a masterful , intelligent piece of writing elegantly performed by Spencer. It speaks of love, unrequited and realised, lust, power, competition and the dilemma all these pre- sent. Poetic and frequently funny- I found the vulnerability of the characters most compelling and tender.’ – augustasupple.com

‘Tim Spencer’s Words They Make with their Mouths is a surprisingly intimate life- affirming night on the boards. Spencer writes from the hip and performs his own material with unsentimental and brutal accuracy. A tour de force performance flexing as many muscles as there are wry intelligent observations. The performance seductively slips gender, jump-cuts continents and splices character upon character in what some may see as a series of nightmare situations although other’s will experience as a great night out…. tantalisingly good theatre.’ – Chris Ryan [Version 1.0]

‘Carefully considered, passionately delivered and intriguingly constructed, this 40 minute theatre piece will draw you in… Spencer and director Jessica Tuckwell have constructed a cache of characters utterly true to life and instantly engaging. Four Stars.’ – The Adelaide Advertiser

‘Sixteen characters and one man to perform them all sounds damn impressive if you can pull it off – and impressive it was… thoughtfully constructed in a way that will have you riding every emotional wave. Spencer…delivers a piece of theatre that should not be missed. If you don’t see anything else at this year’s Fringe, see this! Final Word: Outstanding!’ – Sarah Mena, Rip it up

Photos by Vanessa Hughes

Words They Make With Their Mouths

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