Written and Directed by Tim Spencer
With Blake Bowden, Stephanie Iredale, Zoe Norton Lodge and Julian Shaw
Underbelly Arts Festival 2008

‘Sometimes I like to pretend that I have a really big hand that can smash everything into a million pieces. I just go around the orphanage and smash everything. That’s what I like to pre- tend.’A group of orphans living in a small island country create a kind of family in the middle of the chaotic world around them. When Elias is couriered to them in a big green box via Utrecht and Hong Kong, he brings with him the knowledge of how to make a flying machine that could take them out of their dismal home to make adventures forever.

A story about escapism and danger, of whales and sailors who are also constellations and the amazing birds of the French King Louis XIV that protect the orphans when they need it the most.

Photos by Dee Jefferson & Fabian Foo

Then We Had Adventures

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