Written by Tim Spencer
Directed by Augusta Supple
Brand Spanking New, New Theatre 2010

‘We’re allowed to have fun, and you can’t explain this.’

Malcolm and Sarah are at a party. It is a very good party, but neither are sure about how to stand, what they should say or who they should be saying it to. Both are wearing their fanciest clothes and they’re both worried they’re not fancy enough. Malcolm and Sarah are very conscious that they used to be in love. But that’s where the similarities end.
Inspired by any number of part scenes by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this is a short play about standing next to the person who used to love you and weighing up all the different words you could use.

New Theatre’s Brand Spanking New aims to encourage Australian writing for theatre by providing a collaborative environment to showcase the work of both emerging and established writers. Over two weeks, this curated season explores monologues, short plays, sketches and excerpts from longer pieces, penned by some of the country’s most innovative and imaginative writers and interpreted by a dedicated team of directors, designers and actors.

Photos by Leah McGirr

The Pursued, the Pursuing, the Busy and the Tired

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