Written and Directed by Tim Spencer and Harry Wynter
With Blake Bowden, James Dalton, Andrew Dowling, Lindsay Gumley, Stephanie Iredale, Charles Purcell and Anya Poukchanski
Produced by Sydney University Dramatic Society 2007

In a thin grey house in Victorian London, Elias plays with his food and dreams of the re- turn of his infinitely interesting brother Joe. When his awful parents spontaneously combust (they were both put under a curse by a witch doctor in Africa) Elias makes his own fun and sur- vives by trading antique vases for peanut butter and toilet paper.When Elias discovers five strangers living in his attic his love for telling stories finally finds a willing audience. Faced with the choice of freedom or family, the seven year old begins to realise that it’s not the stories you tell, but who you tell them to.Devised over five weeks in the Cellar Theatre, The Genealogy of Victorian Birds is still treasured by those who made it.

Photos by Emily Irvine

The Genealogy of Victorian Birds

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