Written and Performed by Tim Spencer
Directed by Brandon Martignago
Bondi Feast Festival, The Bondi Pavilion
Produced by Tamarama Rock Surfers 2012

Aub Laidlaw measured swimming costumes on the beach. Bea Miles swam with a knife in case she met with a shark. There used to be a pier, but it was blown up because the Japanese could use it to invade. They used too much dynamite and the shop windows on Campbell Parade became a casualty of war.

Bondi has done it all and still found the time to swim. Today the starlet beach is still measuring its bikini, deciding if it’s a puritan or a progressive. Between the land and the water lies the lazy curve of sand with people who grab handfuls of it, fighting against the rip.

Production Stills by Lucy Parakhina.

One Complex, No Delusions, Two Inhibitions

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