A Creative Development

Written and performed by Tim Spencer
With Shelly Lauman, Sophie Mathiesen and Phil Spencer Supported by the JUMP mentorship program and Art Start October 2011

‘To begin with, Tim our director here would like to ask you all a question. He’s a bit afraid to ask you this himself, because, well, he’s a humble guy. He really worries about what you all think of him.’

Over the course of three weeks of development in 2011, four actors question the differ- ence between necessary self assessment and moralising masochism. What they find has a big im- pact on the relationship between the actors and the audience and everyone’s expectations of what exactly is going on in the empty room.

Is this showing of work catering to the audience or is it a chance to say what they really think? Can they be honest or are they hiding behind what we all agree the limits are? Gradually, it becomes clear to everyone that the actors in front of the audience are the worst people in the world giving them exactly what they want.

Photos by Alex Vaughan

I Give And I Give

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