Written by Tim Spencer
Originally performed as part of atyp’s ‘Tell It Like It Isn’t’ 2011
Directed by Lachlan Philpott and Luke Kerridge
Supported by atyp’s Fresh Ink program and the National Young Writer’s Studio

Alec is an indignant eighteen year old simmering with ire on the Aloha deck of a P&O cruise ship steadily returning him to Sydney. It’s the hangover of schoolies and as he views the headlands of his home town after a week of pent up frustration and alcohol, he wonders what he returns as.

Alec begins to realise that the inane realities of high school are going to be quickly replaced with the inane realities of the larger world. He recounts his week at sea, blaming those that fail to see the ridiculousness of the situation. Through his barely contained rant we get a small sense of what he has done to improve his situation, or whether in fact he is resigned to who he is before ever trying to change himself.

Tell it Like it Isn’t was created by the Australian Theatre for Young People by participants of their Fresh Ink program, a developmental opportunity for emerging playwrights. The collection of monologues were commissioned from twelve emerging Australian writers who were asked to create real, relevant and challenging scripts for young people to perform.


Tell it Like it Isn’t is teenage angst minus the clichés and was exciting to see, both as a theatre piece that showcases the potential of the HSC individual project and the collective talent at ATYP…Within such a strong ensemble piece, some monologues particularly stood out for their originality and skill…Patrick Richards was hilarious as a self loathing teen in Fun in an A cup.’ – Helen Machalias, Australian Stage Online.

Fun In A Cup

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