Written and Performed by Tim Spencer
Home Brew Festival #2, The Old Fitzroy Hotel
Produced by Tamarama Rock Surfers 2011

“OMG he’s a dreamboat.”

A door opens and the next few minutes of your life are full of possibility and romance as you sit down to a candlelit dinner with your date Tim Spencer. A performance for one lucky lady, Date Night explores how intimate strangers can be and just how much you can find out about someone in one evening. This quickly becomes more than your average date with all the regular chit chat and niceties.

Blurring the line between theatre and everyday performance Date Night is a series of provocations that end up displaying the type of person you want to be rather than the person you are. First base? Second base? Meeting the parents? Anything is possible with Edith Piaf and a little champagne.

Date Night

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