Written by Tim Spencer and the cast, commissioned by Shopfront Theatre. Directed by TJ Eckleburg
Performed at Hazelhurst Galleries and the Living Desert, Broken Hill 2010

There is more than one way to die. There is more than one way to come back to life.

Zombies remind us of the need to protect ourselves but also the need to connect. It’s not enough to ward off zombies – shoot them, decapitate them, or push them out the door. Sooner or later the virus will find us, and we need to hope our friends show compassion, treat us respect- fully – wait for the symptoms to abate.

We need to decide how to make peace with the zombies we meet. When should we pull out the shotgun – when should we put on the protective suit? When should we stop the boats? When should we admit we are not in control? When do we acknowledge we ourselves are zom- bies too?

Combining live music, performance, dance and film, At the Drive-in stalked the grounds of the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, Gymea before hitting the road and becoming a unique touring arts festival on route to the Living Desert, Broken Hill.

Photos by David Cheng.

At The Drive In

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