This Angle only

The big time elephant with scales over its eyes tries to elevate itself to the fifth floor of the Empire State building with a winch from a window washer who reviles stalactites and pogo sticks. His name is Chris and he likes heat bouncing off bitumen. He comes from Brooklyn Bay and was trained in an academy for young children who snore too much.

Last summer he kissed a girl. She was enchanted but it was a good enchantment because it got mixed up in the post with someone else’s. She had a medium sized nose and Chris liked to pretend that it grew in a strawberry patch. He thinks about her all day when he is suspended between the sixth and sixtieth floors of the tallest building in New York that he’s aware of.

He wants to open up to her. He dreams of telling her the secrets of the window washer’s guild. But thinks better of it. He doesn’t want to be expelled because they get a 10% discount at Taco Bell. His favourite is the soft shelled taco because they don’t cut his tongue. The Taco Bell Chihuahua works the grill at the store near Central Park West. Chris goes there frequently to talk about his time in the jungle because he is doing an investigative report for This American Life. 

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